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West Virginia Background Check

Creating a trustworthy and efficient expert team poses a daunting task for business owners of all kinds. While you review the applicants to ensure they are suitable, it is essential to look at their entire background, not just their resume. Requesting a background check can yield information essential to the decision-making process.


West Virginia Background Check


In West Virginia, the central repository for criminal records within West Virginia is called the Criminal Identification Bureau of the State Police. Because of the nature of West Virginia's record systems, The Koleman Group LLC cannot provide an immediate West Virginia background check using the repository. Employers may instead use the database (instant searching database) for the various counties within the state, such as Kanawha, Raleigh, and Mercer.


The search results include documents from the Administrative Office of Courts, the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry, and the Department of Corrections. AOC records contain misdemeanor as well as criminal convictions dating up to 1995. Offender registry data began in 1987. DOC records pertain to current prisoners in State prison, a state-run system.


What can be reported in a criminal history report from the state check?

  • Jurisdictions where records are recorded
  • Case number
  • Defendant
  • Charge
  • Filing date
  • The degree of offense, such as misdemeanor
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence

State Restrictions as well as Recommendations regarding Criminal Record Considerations

Ban the Box

There aren't any ban-the-box rules that are in effect within West Virginia.

Arrest Records

There aren't any restrictions on the ability of employers to inquire from an applicant regarding their arrest history or use the details in hiring decision-making. Only those records that the court has sealed are allowed. The state's anti-discrimination guidelines advise employers not to make rash decisions when reviewing such records, pointing out that an arrest isn't always indicative of guilt or involvement.

Conviction Records

Similar to the arrest, it is only possible to expunge, or sealed records are not admissible in workplace considerations. In other cases, employers can inquire about and utilize this information. However, the state guidelines warn employers against considering this as a reason to apply any conviction as a basis for an unfavorable hiring decision. The state instead urges employers to follow the EEOC's recommendations, such as looking only about convictions relevant to the job and weighing aspects like the amount of time and rehabilitation efforts.



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