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Wisconsin Background Check

In the case of Wisconsin companies, taking best hiring choices is vital to the growth of their businesses. Making the wrong hires can cause a decrease in productivity, safety loss, as well as potential risk of liability.

In order to make informed decisions when the hiring process, many companies count on background checks before hiring to make sure that hiring decisions are made in a safe manner. Wisconsin. These screenings are essential in helping employers locate competent reliable, competent, and trustworthy employees.


What happens when a Wisconsin background check is conducted and the way employers utilize the information they get is following a myriad of lawful requirements, both state and federal. regulate background checks on employees in Wisconsin.

Being in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws while conducting Wisconsin background checks demands you to remain up to current with laws as they evolve. It is also essential to have access to accurate and up-to-date databases of information to collect the necessary background information to make informed hiring decisions.

Utilizing a third-party background check company like The Koleman Group LLC lets you to take advantage of our extensive resources to conduct FCRA-compliant, thorough and current employment background check in Wisconsin. We conduct regular screenings for companies across Wisconsin, which includes Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay, and many more.

This guide on Wisconsin background checks to be used for employment in order to give employers an understanding of the rules for the pre-employment screening process for hiring.

Wisconsin Work Background Check Laws: A Comprehensive Review

In Wisconsin employers as well as consumer reporting organizations that collect reports, collect, and utilize background check information in the hiring process must be in compliance with the relevant local as well as federal regulations that regulate the screening process prior to employment.

There are a variety of laws that govern the types of information that CRAs like The Koleman Group LLC are permitted to collect and submit. Additionally, there are laws that regulate how employers can utilize background information to make the hiring decision.

If you fail to follow these rules your company could be subject to substantial penalties, and even legal liability.

The main laws Wisconsin employers must be aware of when conducting Wisconsin background checks prior to hiring are detailed below.

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks

Two important federal laws that employers must be aware of in relying on the information that comes from background checks prior to the hiring process. These include that of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


The FCRA is a broad law that was first enacted in 1970 to serve the purpose of protecting the consumer's privacy rights in their private information collected, stored and reported to CRAs, and employed for employers throughout Wisconsin when hiring.

The FCRA restricts the kinds of information CRAs are permitted to collect and publish. The law also limits employers on how they can utilize background screening data in making employment decisions.

In the FCRA There is an opportunity to look back seven years for certain kinds of information that is negative. It is illegal for CRAs to provide information more than seven years old regarding civil litigation, civil judgments collections accounts, liens bankruptcy, or arrests that didn't lead to convictions.

There's an exemption to the FCRA's seven-year review period for jobs that pay salary of more than $75,000. The restrictions on lookback periods don't apply to criminal convictions, which are able to be recorded no matter what age.

Employers in Wisconsin who want to conduct pre-employment background screenings have to notify applicants in writing of their intention to conduct background checks. Before the background checks for employees in Wisconsin are conducted employers are also required to obtain the written consent of applicants.

If an Wisconsin background check for employment yields negative information on the candidate, then the company has to comply with the adverse action process pursuant to the FCRA before making an official hiring decision. If you don't comply with the requirements of the FCRA and you fail to comply, you could be subject to massive penalties, fines and legal responsibility.

Title VII

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the largest anti-discrimination legislation in the U.S. Title VII of the law regulates discrimination in employment and also prohibits discrimination in all areas of employment. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against applicants or employees due to protected characteristics such as race or color, national origin and color, sex or age, disability and many more.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulates Title VII and its regulations. Because certain groups of minorities are more likely to encounter interactions with the justice system for criminals, Title VII covers criminal history information that may be included on screenings for background in Wisconsin.

In accordance with the guidance of the EEOC Employers must individually examine criminal convictions in relation to how they pertain to the particular jobs they are hiring prior to making a make a decision to hire candidates based on the information.

Wisconsin State Laws on Employment Background Checks

Employers in Wisconsin must adhere to a variety of state laws when conducting background checks for employees and utilize the results in hiring decision.

Under the 2015 AB 373 in 2015, employers working in the public sector aren't permitted to inquire about a candidate's criminal background information in their applications. They cannot inquire about this information until they have completed the interview.

In accordance with Wis. Stat. SS 50.065(1)(ag)1 Employers who hire caregivers must pass background checks on caregivers prior to hiring candidates and then every four years following the time an employee has been hired.

In accordance with Wis. Stat. SS 111.335 Employers are not allowed to discriminate against applicants on the basis of criminal record information. Employers are also not permitted to make use of arrests in which there is no evidence of conviction. Employers must conduct an individual assessment of all information that is disclosed regarding specific job prior to making a negative employment decision.

Dane as well as Milwaukee Counties along with the municipalities in Milwaukee and Madison both have ban-the-box laws that are applicable to the public sector. The law requires employers to examine criminal background information prior to making a decision about whether to hire candidates.

In Wisconsin's law on social media employers aren't allowed to ask employees or applicants to reveal their passwords on social media. Employers are also not allowed to ask applicants or employees to sign up for their accounts on social media in their presence, or ask to be added as friends on their profiles.

What is displayed on an Wisconsin Background check?

The data you will find in the report you receive from a Wisconsin background check. The information you will find on a Wisconsin background check will depend on the particular type of report you want. In The Koleman Group LLC, employers can select from a variety of types of reports to ensure that they can personalize the type of information they get.

Although the types of information required may differ however, the majority of Wisconsin employers require information regarding applicants' criminal background or employment background as well as education qualifications prior to conducting pre-employment background checks.

Here's the type of information that you could find when you ask for each of these reports regarding background checks for your job in Wisconsin.

Criminal History

If the candidate has a criminal background You will find the below types of information in a criminal history report that is part of an employment background check:

  • Criminal case number
  • Arrest date
  • Charge(s)
  • Offense degree (misdemeanor or criminal)
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence

Employment Verification

The employment verification report allows you to verify whether candidates have been sincere about their employment history as well as the positions they've held. In this kind of report, you'll find every employer for which the applicant been employed, as well as the dates they worked for each employer, as well as the positions they've been in.

This kind of information will assist you in determining if the applicants you choose to hire are genuine and qualified which will reduce your chance of a negligent hiring liability.

Education Verification

The requirement to request verification of education on background checks will allow you to view the certificates, diplomas, and degrees awarded to your candidates and the institutions they attended. It also shows the dates that they attended the respective educational institutions.

Verification of education reports enable you to confirm your applicants credibility and skills for the job.

How far back does Background Checks Get to Wisconsin?

The seven-year period of lookback in the FCRA regulates how far back an employee background check can go in Wisconsin. Certain kinds of negative information more than seven years old will not be included in an Wisconsin prior to employment background check.

The following kinds of data will not be reported if they're older than seven years old:

  • Arrests do not result in convictions
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Civil judgments
  • Tax lien payments
  • Accounts for collection
  • Bankruptcies

There is a maximum salary of $75,000 in the FCRA to report negative information that is more by seven years. The FCRA does not prohibit CRAs from releasing conviction records regardless of the age of the person.

Other kinds of information aren't covered under the seven-year viewback period, such as information regarding the history of employment as well as their education and qualifications. It is possible to access these kinds of information and use it, regardless of the age of the information.

How do I get an Background Checks in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin the public as well as employers can request criminal history records by sending requests to the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Wisconsin Online Record Check System. The system requires applicants to sign up for an account as a user and then submit the names of their prospective applicants and dates of birth along with Social Security numbers.

Individuals are able to challenge criminal history information provided on a state-wide criminal history record, by making a request for a challenge with all of their fingerprints.

Employers who employ employees to be caregivers must conduct Wisconsin background checks on caregivers through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The checks must be completed before hiring an applicant . They must be completed every four years after the hire.

A search through the state's criminal history records will not provide other important information that you will need to make hiring decisions. These reports could not provide the details of arrests or convictions in other states and jurisdictions. They will not reveal information about your candidates' employment or education level, credentials as well as other pertinent information.

Some online vendors also provide free Wisconsin background checks for employees. But, you shouldn't depend on these kinds of providers to conduct background checks prior to employment.

The majority of companies that offer free reports provide outdated, incorrect information that doesn't conform to the requirements in the FCRA. If you trust the kind of information they provide your company may be exposed to legal liability.

The most effective method for conducting Wisconsin background checks for job applicants is to use an all-inclusive, reliable FCRA-compliant background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC.

Our reports are accurate, up-to-date thorough, and precise We are in compliance with the FCRA and other pertinent laws.

What's the Price of an background check cost in Wisconsin?

If you send your request through the WORCs system in Wisconsin online, you'll need to pay an charge of $10 for every person you want to submit for the Department of Justice. If you send your requests by mail the fee is $15 for each request.per per person.

However the reports will provide only limited information. They do not contain information regarding criminal convictions outside of the United States, information about employment such as educational qualifications, credentials as well as other data that is relevant.

If you attempt to conduct a no-cost Wisconsin background check via websites, the data that you receive is not to be used to make a decision about employment. The information you receive can be inaccurate and out of date and may not meet the requirements of the FCRA. It could put you at risk of legal action from your potential applicants.

The process of submitting requests by yourself to numerous organizations, businesses and institutions could take a long time and cost a lot of money.

It is better to work with a reputable and legal FCRA compliant background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC.

We can provide custom Wisconsin background checks for employment which allows you to pick only the type of report that you require for your position.

You can pick from a variety of options at various price points. We also provide a range of clinical reports as well as services that include pre-employment drug tests.

If you'll need 50 or more background checks every year, avail the bulk discounts we provide. Contact The Koleman Group LLC today to get a no-cost quote.

What is the length of time a Background Check take to complete in Wisconsin?

The time it takes to get the background check reports for employment purposes will be contingent on the method you conduct your background checks.

If you attempt to gather the necessary information on your own , by submitting requests to different government agencies, it may take longer to create an extensive report for each applicant. This could take a few weeks to collect all the data you require.

Working working with The Koleman Group LLC can help you save cost and also time. If you purchase background checks for pre-employment through us, we'll provide the information you require within several hours.

The Koleman Group LLC Your trusted partner for Fast and Accurate, Regulatory Wisconsin Background Exams

Employers in Wisconsin it is crucial to conduct thorough, accurate and current background checks that are fully in line in accordance with FCRA and other laws pertinent to the situation. For these kinds of checks, you'll need access to all relevant information regarding your candidates Background information.

If you choose to partner together with The Koleman Group LLC, you'll gain access to our wealth of resources as well as access to reliable databases of information. Our staff is trained to quickly gather and analyze vital background screening data for job seekers in Wisconsin.

We value our customers' satisfaction and we are based in the USA. We do not outsource our services, allowing us safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of the clients' sensitive data. We also are willing to help you with any questions anytime they arise.

Get in touch with The Koleman Group LLC Contact us to schedule no-cost, no-obligation advice to find out more about the services we provide.

Disclaimer: The information and resources offered in this article are meant to be educational only and are not legal advice. Talk to your lawyer for legal concerns regarding your particular practices and compliance with the applicable laws.


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