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Here at The Koleman Group LLC we believe in speedy accurate results. With our current technology most of our Canada background checks range from 24 hours to 2 weeks for results. Accuracy is always our top priority. Our sources and technology allow us to achieve an accuracy rate of 98% in Canada.

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With our sources in canada, we provide background screening solutions for all of the provinces and states of canada. As a background screening company we believe there is no country we can't conduct a background check in.

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We do not believe in paying for anything you don't need. We have packages created for most industries in Canada like healthcare, tenant, general and much more. You can even create your own background check ala-carte style. Just add all the services you do need in your cart.

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What is a Canada background check?

A Canada background check is background check service specifically designed for the country of Canada and all its provinces and territories. These Canada background check services can include the Canada basic police check, Canada enhanced police check, credit report, education verification search, employment verification search, professional license verification and international terrorist watch list search.

What is a Canada basic police check?

A Canada basic police check is a search of active criminal records in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) National Repository of Criminal Records. This search can be used to determine the existence of criminal records. This police check can be used as a preliminary search to determine if fingerprint-based criminal record verification may be required. Note: this search is conducted by name and date of birth.

What is the turnaround time of a Canada basic police check?

Turnaround time for a basic police check can range from 72 hours to two weeks.

What is a Canada enhanced police check?

A Canada enhanced police check is a more comprehensive background check search compared to the basic police check. These enhanced police checks, can be searched by name and date of birth of the local police agency’s records management system, more commonly referred to as the local indices check. This search also queries from CPIC identification, investigative, and the intelligence database. This comprehensive background check or police check can include a search of court records, queries of records management systems from different police agencies’ jurisdiction. The enhanced police check must be conducted in conjunction with name based or fingerprint based vulnerable sector verification.

How long does it take to get the results from a Canada enhanced police check?

The time it takes to get the results from an enhanced police check can range from 72 hours to four weeks. Note: That these comprehensive police checks, usually requires a live scan fingerprint.

What is a vulnerable sector check?

A vulnerable sector check is a Canada background check conducted by the RCMP to verify if a person has a record suspension or pardon for sexual offences. In the year 2000, the criminal records act of section 6.3 was passed to create the vulnerable sector check to protect children and vulnerable persons.

Who is required to get a vulnerable sector background check?

Any individual who volunteers or holds a position of trust of authority over children or vulnerable persons can may be required to obtain a vulnerable sector check.

Working with any child under 18 is a requisite for a vulnerable sector check. Another requisite for a vulnerable sector check can be people because of their age, disability or other circumstances be more vulnerable than others. Note: this check can be performed more than once on applicants.

What are Canada background check laws?

Background check laws in Canada may vary from province to province. Employers and individuals must check their local laws to know what background needs to be performed.

All of our background check services follow the FCRA compliant laws of Canada.

In order to run a background check on an individual that individual must give explicit consent to have a consumer reporting agency or background check company look into their background.

All consumers have a right to review what’s on their consumer report.

When conducting background checks on an individual for employment, every individual has right to a copy of their background report. Note: there may be a fee associated with this.

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