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Conducting a pre-employment background check can save company money in the long run. The benefit of conducting pre-employment screening has many benefits which include a safe workplace, reduce losses from theft and fraud and attain quality employees. Just having a background screening can discourage applicants with something to hide. A person with a criminal record or false CV will simply apply to a company that does not pre-screen. It is estimated half of all job applicants falsify their educational credentials. Industry experts refer to academic fraud as the most common lie on resumes. According to SHRM more than 73% of job applicants falsify information: 45 % misrepresent educational accomplishment. Checking criminal records is a good example of a pre-screening process that helps promote safe hiring. It is estimated that 10 percent of job applicants have a criminal conviction records relevant to the hiring process. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated that resume fraud cost employers approximately $600 billion annually. Unfortunately not all applicants are honest. Studies continue to show an increase in the number of discrepancies. � Managing the hiring decisions for your company is critical to business success. However getting it precise is not simple.