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Belleville IL Fingerprinting

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    Living in the digital age, fingerprinting has evolved from traditional ink-based methods to advanced live scan systems, offering precise and reliable services to individuals and organizations alike. In Belleville, Illinois, you can find a variety of services offering both Livescan and ink fingerprinting. This article provides a detailed overview of Livescan, ink, and inkless fingerprinting in Belleville, IL.

    Belleville IL Livescan Fingerprinting

    Livescan fingerprinting is a biometric technology that captures fingerprints digitally. It offers a significantly higher level of reliability and speed compared to the traditional method of ink fingerprinting. Livescan is used by law enforcement agencies, governmental institutions, and private businesses in Belleville, IL, and across the country. This technology is predominantly utilized in criminal background checks, employment screenings, volunteer work, adoption procedures, and more.

    In Belleville, IL, various facilities offer Livescan fingerprinting services. These institutions have the necessary equipment and trained personnel to carry out the procedure accurately and efficiently. When looking for a Livescan fingerprinting service in Belleville, ensure that it is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Police, as this guarantees a standard of quality and reliability.

    Belleville IL Ink Fingerprinting

    Traditional ink fingerprinting, while less prevalent due to technological advancements, still holds its place in certain scenarios. Ink fingerprinting involves rolling each of the subject's fingers in ink to create an imprint on a special fingerprint card. This method is often used for certain types of employment and licensing applications where digital fingerprints aren't acceptable.

    In Belleville, IL, you can find several locations offering ink fingerprinting services, such as police departments, private security companies, and other approved entities. Make sure to confirm the specific requirements and acceptable formats before opting for this service, as different applications may require different procedures.

    Belleville IL Inkless Fingerprinting

    Inkless fingerprinting, as the name implies, is a process where fingerprints are taken without the use of ink. This method, also known as electronic or digital fingerprinting, involves scanning the fingers on a digital reader, thus eliminating the mess and inaccuracies associated with traditional ink fingerprinting.

    Similar to Livescan, inkless fingerprinting captures high-quality digital prints, which are then used for various purposes, including criminal background checks, licensing, or employment screening. Given the clean, quick, and efficient process, inkless fingerprinting has become an increasingly popular choice in Belleville, IL.

    Manual Ink Fingerprinting/ Fingerprint Card

    Manual fingerprinting: Using a fingerprint card to manually record fingerprints for employment, passports, citizenships, and more. Once fingerprinted applicants can send to the appropriate agency. Applicants can bring in their fingerprint cards. We provide the FBI FD- 258 cards as well. Also can be used as an alternative to livescan fingerprint if the livescan vendor cannot process for the ORI eg USXXXXXXZ or a Illinois ORI we cannot process for.


    While Belleville offers a variety of fingerprinting services, choosing the right one for your needs will depend on the specific requirements of the application. Livescan and inkless fingerprinting are faster and often preferred due to their accuracy and convenience, but certain situations might still require the use of traditional ink fingerprinting.

    In Belleville, IL, the best approach is to research and connect with several providers, inquire about their services, and choose the one that best fits your needs. It's also advisable to ask for the average turnaround times, as these can vary depending on the service provider and the type of fingerprinting required.

    To sum up, whether it's Livescan, ink, or inkless fingerprinting, Belleville, IL offers a variety of options for both individuals and organizations. The city's fingerprinting services provide accurate, reliable, and quick solutions for a multitude of requirements, backed by a wealth of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

    Turnaround Time For Fingerprints

    Fingerprints results may vary anywhere from a few hours to 30-40 days. A Transaction Control Number (TCN) is provide for all livescan applicants to track the status of the fingerprints. 


    Our Fingerprint Services




    List of industries we cannot livescan fingerprint for. Note we may be able to fingerprint for manually.


    • HCW(Healthcare Worker Worker) (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Patients (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Residence
    • Hazmat(Truck Driviers)
    •  Child Care License/Child DPS
    • Illinois Gaming Board


    Bring An ID or Driver’s License and all fingerprint information to the fingerprint technician like ORI number and purpose code(if possible).


    List of Fingerprint Locations in Illinois

    Swansea IL Fingerprinting

    Shiloh IL Fingerprinting

    St. Clair County IL Fingerprinting

    Madison County IL Fingerprinting

    Monroe County IL Fingerprinting

    Randolph County IL Fingerprinting

    Fairmont City IL Fingerprinting

    Caseyville IL Fingerprinting

    Waterloo IL Fingerprinting

    Mascoutah IL Fingerprinting

    Wood River IL Fingerprinting

    Pontoon Beach IL Fingerprinting

    Granite City IL Fingerprinting

    Millstadt IL Fingerprinting

    Red Bud IL Fingerprinting

    Madison IL Fingerprinting

    Columbia IL Fingerprinting

    Dupo IL Fingerprinting

    Collinsville IL Fingerprinting

    Edwardsville IL Fingerprinting

    Glen Carbon IL Fingerprinting

    Belleville IL Fingerprinting

    Fairview Heights IL Fingerprinting

    Cahokia Heights IL Fingerprinting

    East St. Louis IL Fingerprinting

    O'Fallon IL Fingerprinting

    Alton IL Fingerprinting



    Use The Koleman Group LLC As Your Fingerprint Background Check Company Today!

    With our services you can conduct a livescan fingerprint or manual ink fingerprint background check today. Call 618-398-3900, or email us today @ for a free consultation. You can visit us at 4717 West Main St Suite 5 Bellevile IL, 62223. Please call or email ahead so we can verify the ORI #



    Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All fingerprint background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.

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