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Waterloo IL Fingerprinting

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    Waterloo, IL, is a city that values both the traditional and the cutting-edge when it comes to providing services to its residents. This commitment is evident in the range of fingerprinting services offered in the city, which includes Livescan fingerprinting, traditional ink fingerprinting, and the latest innovation, inkless fingerprinting.

    Waterloo IL Livescan Fingerprinting

    Livescan fingerprinting in Waterloo, IL, utilizes state-of-the-art technology to capture fingerprints electronically. This digital method is quick, precise, and eliminates the need for ink and paper. Livescan fingerprinting is used widely across various sectors for purposes such as criminal background checks, employment screenings, obtaining professional licenses, and more.

    The Livescan fingerprinting process in Waterloo is simple and efficient. It involves rolling the subject's fingers over a glass plate that scans the fingerprints. The fingerprints are then converted into a digital format, which can be securely and swiftly transmitted to state or federal agencies. The use of Livescan technology reduces the potential for human error, such as smudging, and speeds up the entire process. This digital method also reduces the need for physical storage, making it a more eco-friendly option.

    Despite the advancement in technology, there are still requirements for traditional ink fingerprinting in certain scenarios. This is why Waterloo, IL, continues to provide this service. Certain organizations, foreign governments, or specific types of paperwork still require ink fingerprints. Ink fingerprinting involves the application of black ink to each finger, which is then rolled onto a card to create a print.

    Waterloo IL Ink Fingerprinting

    Ink fingerprinting services in Waterloo are handled by experienced technicians who ensure the fingerprints are captured correctly, minimizing the risk of rejection due to poor quality. Whether for employment, adoption, licensing, or other legal requirements, the ink fingerprinting services in Waterloo provide the necessary support with a touch of personal attention.

    Waterloo IL Inkless Fingerprinting

    Inkless fingerprinting is another service offered in Waterloo, IL. This newer method provides a clean and quick way of capturing fingerprints without the use of ink, hence the name. This is an excellent option for those who prefer not to have their hands covered in ink or for situations where cleanliness is paramount.

    The process of inkless fingerprinting in Waterloo is similar to Livescan fingerprinting. The individual's fingers are rolled over a special sensor that captures high-resolution images of the fingerprints. These images can then be printed or stored digitally, providing a versatile solution to meet a variety of needs. This method is especially beneficial for medical workers, food handlers, and others in occupations where hygiene is a priority.

    Manual Ink Fingerprinting/ Fingerprint Card

    Manual fingerprinting: Using a fingerprint card to manually record fingerprints for employment, passports, citizenships, and more. Once fingerprinted applicants can send to the appropriate agency. Applicants can bring in their fingerprint cards. We provide the FBI FD- 258 cards as well. Also can be used as an alternative to livescan fingerprint if the livescan vendor cannot process for the ORI eg USXXXXXXZ or a Illinois ORI we cannot process for.

    Waterloo, IL, offers a comprehensive suite of fingerprinting services – Livescan, ink, and inkless fingerprinting. These services cater to the varying needs of the community. Livescan fingerprinting provides a fast, accurate, and eco-friendly method, traditional ink fingerprinting meets the requirements of those who still need or prefer this method, while inkless fingerprinting offers a clean, high-resolution alternative.

    Residents and businesses in Waterloo can rest assured knowing they have access to professional and efficient fingerprinting services within their city. These services not only provide essential support for background checks, employment screenings, and legal requirements but also contribute to the safety and integrity of the community. The provision of these services is a testament to Waterloo's commitment to blending tradition with technology to meet the evolving needs of its residents.

    Turnaround Time For Fingerprints

    Fingerprints results may vary anywhere from a few hours to 30-40 days. A Transaction Control Number (TCN) is provide for all livescan applicants to track the status of the fingerprints. 


    Our Fingerprint Services




    List of industries we cannot livescan fingerprint for. Note we may be able to fingerprint for manually.


    • HCW(Healthcare Worker Worker) (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Patients (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Residence
    • Hazmat(Truck Driviers)
    •  Child Care License/Child DPS
    • Illinois Gaming Board


    Bring An ID or Driver’s License and all fingerprint information to the fingerprint technician like ORI number and purpose code(if possible).


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    Use The Koleman Group LLC As Your Fingerprint Background Check Company Today!

    With our services you can conduct a livescan fingerprint or manual ink fingerprint background check today. Call 618-398-3900, or email us today @ for a free consultation. You can visit us at 4717 West Main St Suite 5 Bellevile IL, 62223. Please call or email ahead so we can verify the ORI #



    Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All fingerprint background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.

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