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Mascoutah IL Fingerprinting

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    Mascoutah, IL, is a city that effectively merges the old with the new, showcasing this integration prominently through its comprehensive fingerprinting services. From Livescan fingerprinting to traditional ink fingerprinting, and the modern method of inkless fingerprinting, Mascoutah has adopted an inclusive approach to meet the needs of its diverse community.

    Mascoutah IL Livescan Fingerprinting

    Livescan fingerprinting, an electronic method of capturing fingerprints, has gained considerable popularity in Mascoutah, IL. This method's advantages, such as accuracy and speed, have made it a preferred choice for numerous applications, including employment background checks, licensing, and immigration processes.

    The Livescan fingerprinting procedure in Mascoutah is straightforward and efficient. It involves rolling an individual's fingers over a glass plate, which captures the fingerprints digitally. These digital fingerprints are then converted into an electronic format, allowing them to be swiftly and securely transmitted to relevant state or federal agencies. Livescan not only eliminates the need for physical storage, thereby making it more environmentally friendly, but it also reduces the risk of damage or loss during transit, offering a more reliable solution.

    Mascoutah IL Ink Fingerprinting

    However, while Livescan is indeed efficient and technologically advanced, there are situations where traditional ink fingerprinting is still necessary. For these scenarios, Mascoutah, IL, provides high-quality ink fingerprinting services. Certain organizations, foreign governments, and specific types of applications require the use of traditional ink fingerprints, and Mascoutah ensures these needs are met.

    Ink fingerprinting involves rolling each finger in ink and then onto a card to create a distinct fingerprint. Experienced technicians in Mascoutah ensure that the process is carried out correctly, minimizing the risk of poor quality prints or smudging. Once completed, these cards can be physically sent to the requesting organization.

    Mascoutah IL Inkless Fingerprinting

    Mascoutah, IL, also offers inkless fingerprinting services, providing a cleaner and faster alternative to the traditional method. As the name suggests, inkless fingerprinting does not require ink, capturing fingerprints using a special sensor instead. This option is ideal for those who wish to avoid the messiness of ink, particularly in settings where cleanliness is a priority.

    Inkless fingerprinting in Mascoutah involves rolling the fingers over a sensor that captures high-resolution images of the fingerprints. These images can be printed or stored digitally, depending on the requirements of the individual or organization. This method is particularly beneficial for healthcare providers, food handlers, and other professionals where hygiene is crucial.

    Manual Ink Fingerprinting/ Fingerprint Card

    Manual fingerprinting: Using a fingerprint card to manually record fingerprints for employment, passports, citizenships, and more. Once fingerprinted applicants can send to the appropriate agency. Applicants can bring in their fingerprint cards. We provide the FBI FD- 258 cards as well. Also can be used as an alternative to livescan fingerprint if the livescan vendor cannot process for the ORI eg USXXXXXXZ or a Illinois ORI we cannot process for.


    Mascoutah, IL, offers a comprehensive suite of fingerprinting services - Livescan, ink, and inkless - to cater to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses. Livescan provides a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution; traditional ink fingerprinting fulfills the requirements of organizations still preferring this method, and inkless fingerprinting offers a clean and quick alternative. With these professional services, Mascoutah ensures the needs of its community members are met with accuracy, speed, and convenience, reinforcing the city's commitment to serve its residents with adaptable and efficient solutions.

    Turnaround Time For Fingerprints

    Fingerprints results may vary anywhere from a few hours to 30-40 days. A Transaction Control Number (TCN) is provide for all livescan applicants to track the status of the fingerprints. 


    Our Fingerprint Services




    List of industries we cannot livescan fingerprint for. Note we may be able to fingerprint for manually.


    • HCW(Healthcare Worker Worker) (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Patients (Coming Soon)
    • Nursing Home Residence
    • Hazmat(Truck Driviers)
    •  Child Care License/Child DPS
    • Illinois Gaming Board


    Bring An ID or Driver’s License and all fingerprint information to the fingerprint technician like ORI number and purpose code(if possible).


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    Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All fingerprint background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.

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