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Red Bud IL Fingerprinting

In Red Bud, IL, residents and businesses have access to a wide array of fingerprinting services including livescan fingerprinting, traditional ink fingerprinting, and inkless fingerprinting. These services cater to various needs, such as background checks for employment, licensing, and volunteering, among others.

Red Bud IL Livescan Fingerprinting

Livescan fingerprinting has become a popular method due to its efficiency and accuracy. This technology digitally captures and transmits fingerprints, eliminating the need for ink and paper traditionally used in fingerprinting. If you're seeking livescan fingerprinting services in Red Bud, IL, you'll find various providers, ranging from local law enforcement agencies to private businesses specializing in background check services. Always ensure your chosen provider is certified and follows stringent privacy protocols to protect your personal data.

Red Bud IL Ink Fingerprinting

Despite the advent of digital technologies, traditional ink fingerprinting remains a reliable method. This technique involves rolling each finger in ink to then be pressed onto a special card, forming the fingerprint. Certain agencies, including the FBI and some foreign governments, might prefer or even require this traditional form of fingerprinting. Red Bud, IL, offers ink fingerprinting services at several locations, including local police departments and businesses that specialize in these services. As with livescan, it's essential to choose a provider that guarantees the privacy of your personal data.

Red Bud IL Inkless Fingerprinting

Inkless fingerprinting is also available in Red Bud, IL. This method, similar to livescan, uses electronic technology to capture and transmit fingerprints. It's often referred to as "inkless" to underscore the convenience and cleanliness compared to the traditional ink method. Inkless fingerprinting provides an efficient and mess-free way to capture fingerprints.

Manual Ink Fingerprinting/ Fingerprint Card

Manual fingerprinting: Using a fingerprint card to manually record fingerprints for employment, passports, citizenships, and more. Once fingerprinted applicants can send to the appropriate agency. Applicants can bring in their fingerprint cards. We provide the FBI FD- 258 cards as well. Also can be used as an alternative to livescan fingerprint if the livescan vendor cannot process for the ORI eg USXXXXXXZ or a Illinois ORI we cannot process for.


Regardless of whether you require livescan, ink, or inkless fingerprinting services in Red Bud, IL, there are several professional providers available to assist. Your choice between these options depends on your specific needs and the requirements of the organization requesting your fingerprints. Remember, it's essential that your chosen provider adheres to all necessary privacy protection protocols.

Each method has its distinct advantages. Livescan and inkless fingerprinting are efficient and clean, making them popular for various applications. On the other hand, traditional ink fingerprinting provides a physical record, which can be useful if multiple copies are needed, or a hard copy is required.

If you're in Red Bud, IL, and need fingerprinting services for employment, volunteer work, licensing, or any other reason requiring a background check, there are several options available to you. Choose the service that best fits your needs, ensuring your chosen provider is certified, experienced, and committed to maintaining strict privacy standards. No matter what your specific requirements are, Red Bud, IL, is well-equipped to provide you with a seamless, secure, and efficient fingerprinting experience.


Turnaround Time For Fingerprints

Fingerprints results may vary anywhere from a few hours to 30-40 days. A Transaction Control Number (TCN) is provide for all livescan applicants to track the status of the fingerprints. 


Our Fingerprint Services




List of industries we cannot livescan fingerprint for. Note we may be able to fingerprint for manually.


  • HCW(Healthcare Worker Worker) (Coming Soon)
  • Nursing Home Patients (Coming Soon)
  • Nursing Home Residence
  • Hazmat(Truck Driviers)
  •  Child Care License/Child DPS
  • Illinois Gaming Board


Bring An ID or Driver’s License and all fingerprint information to the fingerprint technician like ORI number and purpose code(if possible).



Use The Koleman Group LLC As Your Fingerprint Background Check Company Today!

With our services you can conduct a livescan fingerprint or manual ink fingerprint background check today. Call 618-398-3900, or email us today @ for a free consultation. You can visit us at 4717 West Main St Suite 5 Bellevile IL, 62223. Please call or email ahead so we can verify the ORI #



Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All fingerprint background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.

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