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Missouri Background Check

You should perform a background check on someone in Missouri to discover them. You will learn about their criminal background, employment history, and other details from this. 



Missouri Background Check


There are many options available in Missouri that you can use to do background checks on people. The Missouri State Highway Patrol keeps a comprehensive database of criminal records. The highway patrol will provide you with a criminal history report upon written, faxed, or in-person request. In addition, anywhere in Missouri, including Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield, can have a background check performed. 

The Missouri Department of Corrections also keeps a database of offenders up to date. You can conduct a name, county, or city search for offenders. 

The Missouri Sheriffs' Association also provides a background check service. A background check can be requested in person, via mail, or by fax. 

A commercial background check service can check someone's background in Missouri. To uncover details about someone, these services will search several databases, including public records. 

The outcomes of a Missouri background check should always be carefully examined. However, the data in a background check may occasionally be unreliable. It would be best if you got in touch with the information's originator to get any incorrect information updated. 


Missouri Criminal Records Search


Were you looking for Missouri criminal records? Here is how you can get to them. 

Criminal histories are available to the public in Missouri. This implies that anyone can ask the authorities for and get criminal records. 

Missouri has two options for requesting criminal records: in person or by mail. 

Visit the Records Division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Jefferson City to make a personal record request. Mon–Fri, 8–5, the Records Division is open. 

Send a written request: to obtain records via mail. 

State Highway Patrol of Missouri 

Records Division, please. 

P.O. Box 568 

6502 Jefferson City, Missouri 


The following details should be included in your written request: 

Name of the individual whose record you are requesting 

  • When the incident occurred 
  • The region where the incident took place 
  • A daytime phone number to reach you at 

The Records Division will assess a fee of $7 per record. Checks or money orders payable to the Missouri State Highway Patrol may be used to make payments. 

The Records Division will start looking for the relevant criminal record as soon as they receive your request. However, it could take the search up to 30 days. 

You will be notified by mail if the record is located and given instructions on how to get a copy of it. 


Missouri Background Check Laws


The purpose of Missouri's background check laws is to protect the public. A Missouri-licensed background check service must be used by all companies and organizations that run background checks on workers, volunteers, or applicants for employment, licensing or certification following the law. The Missouri Sunshine Law must be followed, and providers of background checks with a Missouri license must hire only licensed private investigators to carry out the checks. 

According to the Missouri Sunshine Law, all data gathered by a Missouri-licensed background check service must be made public. In addition, the background check provider is also required by law to reveal the name, address, and phone number of the individual who made the background check request. 

The Missouri Private Investigator Licensing Law must be followed by the Missouri-licensed private investigator who performs the background investigation. The Missouri Division of Professional Regulation must provide the private investigator with a license following the law. The private investigator must also keep a surety bond of at least $5,000. 

The purpose of Missouri's background check regulations is to safeguard the public. A Missouri-licensed background check service must be used by all companies and organizations that run background checks on workers, volunteers, or applicants for employment, licensing or certification following the law. In addition, the Missouri Sunshine Law must be followed, and providers of background checks with a Missouri license must hire only licensed private investigators to carry out the checks. 


Missouri Background Check For Employment


It's crucial to take every possible step to ensure that you stand out from the competitors during job looking. Making sure your prospective employer performs a background check on you before making a job offer is one approach to achieving this. 

There are no rules in Missouri that limit how background checks can be used by businesses when making hiring decisions. Employers should, however, adhere to a few fundamental best practices when running a background check. 

First, an employer can ask for a background check only if there is a good business reason. For instance, if a prospective employee deals with minors or handles significant amounts of money, the employer might wish to conduct a background investigation. 

Second, companies want to allow the candidate to address any problematic data discovered during the background investigation. For instance, if a candidate has a criminal history, the employer should provide them the chance to discuss the circumstances of the offense. 

Finally, background checks should not be used by businesses to exclude applicants. An employer shouldn't, for instance, deny employment to a candidate just because of a criminal past if the candidate is otherwise eligible for the position. 

You can always ask for a copy of your background check report if you're worried about how it will impact your ability to get a job. In this method, you can get a glimpse of the data a potential employer would see if they conducted a background check on you. 


Background Check 7 Years Missouri


In Missouri, public records of criminal activity are what you are looking for while conducting a background investigation. First, you will need to know where county the individual you are checking up on lives in since these records are generally held at the county level. You can then look up criminal records on the county's website. Finally, if you discover any, you can ask for copies. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that not all criminal histories will be accessible online. For example, only some crimes are recorded in some counties, while others preserve paper records. Additionally, certain records might be deleted or sealed, making them unavailable to the general public. 

Try calling the county clerk's office if you cannot find the records you need online. They can direct you to the necessary records. 


How Much Does A Missouri Background Check Cost?


The price of a background check in Missouri varies according to the sort of check you require and the organization you obtain it from. For instance, the Missouri State Highway Patrol charges $19 for a criminal history check and $7.50 for a driving record check.


Missouri Arrest Records

Missouri arrest records are official documents that detail the arrest history of individuals within the state of Missouri. These records, created by various law enforcement agencies throughout the state, provide a chronological account of an individual's encounters with the law enforcement system, specifically relating to arrests.


The contents of an arrest record can vary widely based on the specifics of each arrest. However, an arrest record generally contains information such as the arrested individual's name, date of birth, physical description, and identifying markers like fingerprints. It also includes the date and location of the arrest, the charges brought against the individual, the law enforcement agency that made the arrest, the name of the arresting officer, any involved witnesses, and potentially even statements made by the arrested individual.


Missouri law designates these records as public information, but the Missouri Sunshine Law governs access to them. This law, in combination with federal regulations such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ensures a balance between the public interest in access to information and the protection of individual privacy rights.


The Missouri State Highway Patrol's Criminal Justice Information Services Division is the central repository for Missouri arrest records. The division maintains an online portal through which individuals can request criminal records, including arrest records. It is worth noting, however, that while arrest records are public, some information within them might be redacted or omitted to protect sensitive details, especially if an investigation is ongoing or the record involves a juvenile.


Missouri arrest records have significant uses within and outside the justice system. These records aid in criminal investigations and court proceedings within the legal system. They are used by prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges to understand the nature of an arrest, the charges filed, and the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Beyond the justice system, these records are often used during background checks conducted by employers, landlords, educational institutions, and licensing boards. These parties utilize arrest records to evaluate an individual's character, reliability, and potential risks. However, it's crucial to remember that an arrest does not equate to guilt - a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


One important facet of Missouri arrest records is the possibility of record expungement under certain conditions. Expungement is officially erasing an arrest or conviction record, making it as if the arrest or conviction never occurred. In Missouri, eligible individuals can petition for expungement for various offenses, which can lead to increased opportunities for employment, housing, and other benefits that might be negatively affected by a criminal record.


In summary, Missouri arrest records provide a comprehensive log of a person's arrest history in the state, serving a variety of purposes for both public safety and individual rights. While these records can reveal important information about a person's past interactions with law enforcement, they must also be considered responsible and within the legal principle of "innocent until proven guilty." As with any sensitive information, accessing and using these records must always balance the public's right to know with an individual's right to privacy.


Missouri Public Records

Missouri public records are a broad category of documents that record information about the government's operations and those residing there. They encompass a wide range of data - from property tax records, court records, and business licenses to vital statistics like birth, death, marriage, and divorce records.


The Missouri Sunshine Law governs the creation, maintenance, and accessibility of these public records. This law ensures that government operations remain transparent and citizens can scrutinize their government's performance, promote accountability, and participate meaningfully in public affairs.


Various state and local agencies generate and maintain these public records. For instance, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services manages vital records. These include birth and death certificates and marriage and divorce data. These records are often used for verifying identity, genealogical research, or legal proceedings.


Property records, which include information about property ownership, assessed values, and property tax payments, are usually maintained by county Assessor's offices. They are used in real estate transactions, urban planning, and various legal and business decisions.


The Missouri Judiciary maintains court records, including civil, criminal, family law, and probate case information. Legal professionals, researchers, journalists, and the general public use these records for various purposes, from conducting legal research to tracking trends in case law.


The Missouri Sunshine Law upholds the right of every person to access public records, regardless of the purpose of the request. However, the law also maintains certain restrictions to safeguard individual privacy, the integrity of ongoing investigations, and matters of state security. For example, certain sensitive information in court or personnel records may not be publicly accessible.


Requesting public records in Missouri typically involves:

  • Identifying the relevant agency that holds the record.
  • Submitting a written request.
  • Potentially paying a small fee to cover the administrative costs of retrieving and copying the record.

However, the increasing digitalization of public records has made many types of records readily available online, simplifying the process significantly.


While public records are a resource for transparency and accountability, it's also critical to recognize the need for responsible use of this information. Unethical or fraudulent misuse of public records can lead to legal repercussions and infringe on an individual's right to privacy.


Missouri public records are invaluable for citizens, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. They are a tool for transparency, allowing the public to scrutinize government actions, engage in informed dialogue, and make decisions based on factual information. As the steward of public records, the government has a responsibility to make these records accessible while also protecting sensitive information and individual privacy. Balancing these considerations is key to maintaining public trust and ensuring the integrity of the public record system.


List of Counties in Missouri

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Andrew County

Atchison County

Audrain County

Barry County

Barton County

Bates County

Benton County

Bollinger County

Boone County

Buchanan County

Butler County  

Caldwell County

Callaway County

Camden County

Cape Girardeau County

Carroll County

Carter County

Cass County

Cedar County

Chariton County

Christian County

Clark County

Clay County

Clinton County

Cole County

Cooper County

Crawford County

Dade County

Dallas County

Daviess County

DeKalb County

Dent County

Douglas County

Dunklin County

Franklin County

Gasconade County

Gentry County

Greene County

Grundy County

Harrison County

Henry County

Hickory County

Holt County

Howard County

Howell County

Iron County

Jackson County

Jasper County

Jefferson County

Johnson County

Knox County

Laclede County

Lafayette County

Lawrence County

Lewis County

Lincoln County

Linn County

Livingston County

Macon County

Madison County

Maries County

Marion County

McDonald County

Mercer County

Miller County

Mississippi County

Moniteau County

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Morgan County

New Madrid County

Newton County

Nodaway County

Oregon County

Osage County

Ozark County

Pemiscot County

Perry County

Pettis County

Phelps County

Pike County

Platte County

Polk County

Pulaski County

Putnam County

Ralls County

Randolph County

Ray County

Reynolds County

Ripley County

Saline County

Schuyler County

Scotland County

Scott County

Shannon County

Shelby County

St. Charles County

St. Clair County

St. Francois County

St Louis City

St. Louis County

Ste. Genevieve County

Stoddard County

Stone County

Sullivan County

Taney County

Texas County

Vernon County

Warren County

Washington County

Wayne County

Webster County

Worth County

Wright County


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