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Tennessee Background Check

Tennessee employers recognize how important it is to find the best people to improve their business goals and safeguard their bottom line. Conducting comprehensive Tennessee background checks for employees enables employers to find competent, trustworthy employees who are skilled and reliable.

The hiring of qualified applicants can assist your business grow while also ensuring the safety for your employees. If you simply conduct Google searches of the candidates and then check their references this isn't enough to shield your company from potential liabilities.


If you choose to partner with a reputable 3rd-party background check company like The Koleman Group LLC, your background check reports will also be in compliance with all applicable law, both state and federal.

We make use of modern technology and our extensive database access to run hundreds of Tennessee background checks on businesses throughout the state, including those in Shelby County, Davidson County as well as Knox County, and in major cities such as Nashville as well as Memphis. We comply with the FCRA and send results to employers quickly.

To make it easier for you to get a better understanding of how background checks prior to employment in Tennessee perform, we've put together this outline to give you additional information.

Tennessee Background check Laws A Comprehensive Summary

If you conduct an Tennessee background check you must follow the federal, state as well as local regulations. The laws govern the types of information that may be disclosed and used to screen candidates in Tennessee. Infractions to these laws could result in legal liability as well as other penalties.

The most significant laws and regulations applicable to employers as well as consumers reporting organizations (CRAs) conducting background check in Tennessee are listed below.

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks

Tennessee employers must adhere to all federal laws regarding background checks. Because the legislature and other regulatory agencies make changes frequently that are not always up-to-date, we stay abreast of the latest changes in the law to ensure that we are in compliance.


The law is enforced with the help of the Federal Trade Commission, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was adopted by Congress in the year 1970. The law governs the data that CRAs are able to provide employers to conduct background checks for employees all over the world.

The FCRA was passed to ensure the accuracy, fairness and security of the information of consumers collected by CRAs and distributed to employers. The rules of the FCRA regulate the manner in which Tennessee employers are allowed to gather information, disclose, and utilize private consumer information.

Employers need to obtain written authorization from applicants prior to conducting background checks before hiring. If an employer is unable to decide on hiring the applicant based on the information in a background report they must follow an adverse action procedure that is two steps and let the applicant contest any incorrect information.

The experts of The Koleman Group LLC are FCRA-compliant, allowing you be confident about the authenticity and reliability regarding the details we offer.


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is implemented through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is the federal entity that oversees the compliance of employers with federal anti-discrimination laws.

The guidance of the EEOC determines how employers must manage criminal history information in hiring background check. Employers are required to evaluate each of the incidents to determine if they are relevant to the jobs that they're looking to fill.

Tennessee State Laws on Employment Background Checks

In addition to Federal laws Tennessee employers also must adhere to local and state laws that regulate background checks before hiring. This includes Tennessee ban-the box and Social Media Check laws, as listed below.

Tennessee Ban-the-Box Law

In 2016 the Senate bill 2440, also known as SB 2440, was enacted into law. It is Tennessee's ban-the box law which bans employers in public sector from conducting background checks for pre-employment in the beginning of hiring. They also is not allowed to inquire about criminal records on job applications.

The law is only applicable to employers working who work in those working in the public sector. Many counties and cities in Tennessee such as Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville, Hamilton County, and Shelby County have also enacted local ban-the-box laws. All of these laws are applicable to employers working in the public sector but not private companies however.

As ban-the-box laws become more common, private businesses should be monitoring the situation and look out for laws that could apply to them in the future.

Tennessee Social Media Check Law

In the case of Tenn. Code. Ann. S. 50-1-1003 Tennessee employers are not permitted to taking any of the following concerning the accounts on social media of potential employees or employees:

  • Requesting the password to gain access to social media accounts
  • The applicant or employee should be asked to list the employer to their contact list.
  • The employee or applicant to sign in to the social media accounts in the presence of the employer, in order for the employer to examine it
  • Affirmative action taken against an applicant or employee due to refusing to provide an account password, include the employer to the contact list or log into social media with the presence of the employer


When an applicant is employed the law doesn't stop employers from asking employees to provide a username and password to gain access to the device provided an employee's device by their employer for benefit.

What is revealed in a Tennessee background check?

The details that could be provided in the Tennessee background check will depend on the information you require. Many employers in Tennessee require information on the criminal record and employment history, as well as educational background, and professional credential details of potential applicants.

Criminal History Information

If an applicant is convicted of an offense of a criminal nature on their file you'll be able to see an incident number as well as the charge or charge, the disposition day of disposition and sentence details.

Employment Verification

Certain applicants falsify their employment history by altering their dates of employment, or the positions they held, or by lying about their employment with certain employers. The verification of employment claims allows you to view the dates that the candidate was employed by every employer as well as the titles that he was awarded. Employer verification can help you identify honest applicants and protect your business from hiring liabilities.

Education Verification

The services for verification of education allow you to verify the degrees, certificates and degrees applicants have listed on their resumes and applications. The dates of their attendance and the qualifications earned. At The Koleman Group LLC, we also can provide a separate confirmation of any professional credentials you need for your job openings.

How far back do Tennessee background checks go?

Tennessee background checks for pre-employment must be in compliance with the time limits set by the FCRA in order to exclude applicants from work. The FCRA allows a seven-year time limit on specific types of information that CRAs report that include the following:

  • Arrests that didn't result in conviction
  • Civil judgments
  • Civil lawsuits


However, the seven-year viewback period is not applicable to jobs with salary of more than $75,000. Other kinds of information, such as the history of employment and educational information are not affected by the seven-year limit. You can get information on the kinds of information that are available regarding the applicant's life.

How do I get a Tennessee background check for employment?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation maintains the central repository for state-wide misdemeanor and felony convictions and convictions details. Through the TBI public records, the public are able to gain the access of Tennessee public records for individuals.

People are able to request the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation background check on the internet or in person. The TBI also permits individuals to provide their fingerprints in order to request information on their criminal history for themselves. However the FBI doesn't allow the information obtained this manner to be used for purposes of employment.

Information via the TBI for the state's arrest and conviction records is not comprehensive. The TBI will not provide information on convictions that occurred in other states, or the educational and employment histories or qualifications of the applicants.

It's a far more efficient option to use an independent company like The Koleman Group LLC. We have databases available in states across the United States and are able to quickly gather precise and complete information on your prospective applicants.

What is the price of a Tennessee background check?

If you decide to purchase an background check through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in Tennessee, you'll need to pay a fee of $29. The information you get may not be accurate however.

A quick search online could uncover various companies offering a free Tennessee background check. It is not recommended to rely on these kinds of businesses however. Their information is usually unreliable, incorrect and outdated. They also could not be compliant with the FCRA as well as other laws.

Background checks for pre-employment conducted by The Koleman Group LLC are low-cost and FCRA-compliant. You can select one of the three options that cover 25 to 50 reports annually:

  • Standard package Basic package $30 each background investigation (includes identity verification as well as national criminal searches and a national search for sex offenders)

If your business is planning to run more than 50 checks per year, we provide steep discounts for large orders. Contact us today to receive an estimate for free.

What average turnaround time for a Tennessee background check?

The amount of time needed to conduct an extensive Tennessee background check will largely depend on the method you select. If you ask for documents to the TBI and then go through the records on the internet, a background check could cost a lot of time and money.

If you are a client of The Koleman Group LLC, we are able to return FCRA-compliant complete and reliable background checks quickly. We understand that delays in hiring could cost businesses money, and we will provide details as quickly as we can.

We can provide thorough and accurate Tennessee background checks for pre-employment from us within less than up to 48hrs. Our fast turnaround times enable companies in Tennessee to make informed hiring decisions and not lose good candidates due to the lengthy process.

The Koleman Group LLC is your trusted partner for Fast and Accurate Compliant Tennessee Background checks

Tennessee background checks for pre-employment are a vital element of hiring and onboarding procedures in the state. Making sure the accuracy of your background check reports are FCRA-compliant can help reduce your company's potential liability for lawsuits.

The experts working at The Koleman Group LLC have access to the required resources to quickly collect the background information of your candidates. We are located within The U.S. and never outsource any aspect of our work. We respect the privacy of our clients and ensure the security of their personal information.

For more information more about Tennessee background check services for employers, please call The Koleman Group LLC today to set up a no-obligation consult for a no-cost consultation at 618- 398- 3900


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