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Tuolumne County Background Check (California)

Tuolumne County Criminal Records (California)


A Tuolumne County California Criminal Check covers the Superior courts for Felony and Misdemeanor charges. The typical turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days, based on the specific county. In more than 16% of instances, CA County searches take over seven business days to complete. Just 2 percent of the time, County Checks take over two weeks to be completed. The county search covers the past seven years and returns verdicts or deferred judgments. Certain counties might be slower due to the court process or if more documents are required to be obtained. Counties with a greater turnaround time than average are Alpine, Inyo, and Napa.

What exactly are Tuolumne County Public Records?

Tuolumne County Public Records are official documents that are kept in public institutions. The records contain information on the work of officials of government or agencies. They also contain information about the activities of an agency or official. California Open Records Act states that all records created and maintained by the officials in Tuolumne County are meant to be made available for public inspection. This means that the public is entitled to ask, inspect the records, and request copies of the documents. However, certain public records are not available and accessible for inspection by the general public. The exemptions for these records are usually required by law. The exempted records include that of a juvenile, certain medical records, and financial information. In addition to the law that exempts certain records from public access, The court may also limit certain records, for example, since records are sealed or because there is a need to safeguard the identity of the record holder.

Tuolumne County Crime Statistics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provides uniform crime statistics from different police departments. In this year's annual report for the year 2019, Tuolumne County had six robberies, zero murders, six rapes, and 14 aggravated assaults. This is which is a total of 26 violence-related crimes. There were also 69 cases of burglary, 180 thefts, 20 thefts of motor vehicles, and four arson cases totaling 325 crimes against property.

Are Tuolumne County Criminal Records Public?

Tuolumne County Criminal Records are public records partially based on the California Public Records Act. There are exceptions for criminal records that are outlined in the law. If this exemption covers the record, you are interested in, then the access request won't be granted. Thus, an interested person may visit the county sheriff to access criminal records, which is permissible. The people requesting information from these files are certain employers of labor for related reasons and other agencies/agents identified in the California statute. To gain access to the criminal records of a partial nature in California, the requester must usually give the following details:

  • The subject's name is not required unless the subject is a minor.
  • The last known place of residence, including cities, counties, and states.

The DOJ has initiated a live scan form and fingerprinting services for requesters requiring completed copies of criminal records in English or Spanish. Requesters are advised that fingerprinting costs vary for fingerprinting costs that are separate from DOJ's fees for the request. Requesters having difficulty making requests or getting fingerprinting services should call the Department of Justice's Record Review Unit at (916) 227-3849. Submissions that are completed are to be submitted to the following:

California Department of Justice

Bureau of Criminal Identification and Analysis

Records Review Section, as well as Challenge Section

PO Box 160207

Sacramento, CA 95816-0207

How do I get Tuolumne County Police reports and Arrest Records?

It is the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office that keeps records of arrests as well as police records and can provide copies to those who are interested. People interested in getting copies of the police report and arrest record via mail, personal visits, or by making the demand online. Requesters need to fill out their request with the date and time of the incident, the type of report, the place of the incident, and the contact information of the requestor. There is a fee to obtain copies of records; the minimum amount will be $.10 per webpage. Large requests or reports will require a $25.00 deposit. The amount will be following the staff's time to prepare. Requests made via mail or in person must include this information in the submission. All requests should be sent to the following address:

Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office

28 North Lower Sunset Drive

Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: (209) 533-5855

Fax: (209) 533-5831


How can I Find Tuolumne County Sexual Offender Information?

Tuolumne County records for sex offenders are available online on the California Megan's Law Website provided by the California Department of Justice (DOJ). People interested in the database can use the database online to see names, places, and the nature of sex violations committed by registered sexual offenders. For example, the public can determine which location the sex offenders works in and what school they where went to school. Additionally, when the registered sex offender moves to a different location. Finally, suppose you sign up via the Sheriff's Office link to the sexual predator email alert. In that case, the public will receive emails about any sexual predators living within one mile of any registered address.

Where and how to find Tuolumne County Inmate Data?

Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office provides an inmate list and manages the facility's operation. Interested people can find out more via the search for inmates. Anyone interested can also call the county jail for further information:

Tuolumne County Jail

175 Yaney Avenue

Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: (209) 216-4111

Another method of locating the Tuolumne county prisoner is to search the state's website. In addition, requesters can utilize the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation public Inmate Locator system to obtain information about an inmate. Record seekers can supply the name of the inmate's last name and first name, as well as the CDCR number.

How can I contact an inmate in Tuolumne County Jail?

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department provides on-site and via video visits. In-person visits to the prison are held behind glass-lined doors. The Tuolumne County Jail employs Securus Video Connect to allow remote video visits from the personal computer or other devices, regardless of the location. Costs vary and can be an alteration, but typically, the cost of visiting varies between $5 and $15 for a fifteen-minute to 30 minutes on-site or online video visit. The hours of visitation for Tuolumne County Jail are subject to change. Tuolumne County Jail is subject to change. Inmates must inform guests of any changes to their status as visitors. Interested people can call the jail at:

Tuolumne County Jail

175 Yaney Avenue

Sonora, CA 95370

People over 18 who aren't on felony probation or involved in one court case in which they can show a valid government-issued photo ID are able by the inmate at Tuolumne County Jail. Guardians or parents will accompany visitors younger than 18 years old. Visitors need to be pre-arranged.

Visits are permitted Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6 pm. They can only have two visitors each day. Visitors are encouraged to come during the week as weekends are always packed with prisoners. Visitors are advised to be aware of the following: Tuolumne County Jail staff will refuse entry to visitors in the following circumstances:

Visitors who do not have an acceptable form of ID.

People who falsify information to identify themselves.

People who go out appear drunk through alcohol.

Visitors who aren't listed on the list of inmate visitors

Phone: (888) 243-9939

Court Records

Within Tuolumne County, the superior court is responsible for all courts in California. Tuolumne County has a single court system. All court proceedings take place through Superior Courts. Superior Courts are divided into court divisions according to the type of case. Divisions in the Superior Court include; civil family, criminal and juvenile, probate traffic, and small claims.

Below are the addresses of the courts within Tuolumne county. Each of them is a repository for the records of all cases argued there. A person who is interested in the matter can look up the court records of interest at any of the following addresses:

Tuolumne County Superior Court

60 North Washington Street

Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: (209) 533-5563

Fax: (209) 533-5581

Tuolumne County Superior Court

41 West Yaney Avenue

Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: (209) 533-5555

Fax: (209) 533-6616

Are Tuolumne County Court Records Public?

Following the California Public Record Act, Court records are considered public records because they are maintained and created by an agency of the government. However, some court records could contain personal information that could constitute an infringement upon the privacy rights of the records owners if anyone could access them. Therefore, these records are typically exempted from the statute of limitations in California.

Documents that aren't exempted by law but include personal information that the court has ordered may either limit the amount of information accessible to the public or restrict access to the whole document. Furthermore, when the document is sealed or expunged from Tuolumne county, nobody in public has access to the document. Instead, court records are recorded and maintained by the clerk's office for the court's superior. People interested in the records can look them up the records by visiting or sending a letter to the secretary of the superior court to inquire about access to the document of interest.

How can I obtain the Tuolumne County Civil Court Case Records?

The Civil Division of the Superior Court in Tuolumne County is in charge of preparing and keeping documents of all instances of disputes that have been that are brought before the judge of the county. Anyone interested in the county can submit a request to an office at the court clerk's office or the County Recorder. In addition, an interested person may search the internet for a significant official civil court case.

But, if an application is rejected, this means that the information is restricted either by the statute of limitations or an order of a court. A civil case record could be sealed or removed and, as a result, unavailable to the public. Anyone interested can search for the civil court case records by visiting the following addresses:

Historic Courthouse

41 West Yaney Avenue

Sonora, CA 95370

Phone: (209) 533-5555

Fax: (209) 533-6616

How can I obtain the Tuolumne County Court of Criminal Records?

Criminal records are the record of the proceedings of the trial court of Tuolumne county. For access to criminal court records within the county, the requester can send a letter or go to the office of the superior clerks in the county. Requesters are granted access to any criminal records of importance as long as that record is not barred from access to the public by law or an order of a court. If public records are denied access, there are no other ways to access the record other than seeking an injunction from a court.

On the federal level, it's possible to get Tuolumne Criminal court documents online through the California state court.


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