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Yolo County Background Check (California)

Yolo County Criminal Records (California)


The Yolo County California Criminal Check covers the Superior courts for Felony and Misdemeanor charges. The typical turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days, depending on the specific county. In around 16% of the instances, CA County searches take over seven business days to finish. Less than 2 percent of the time, County Checks take over two weeks to be completed. The county search covers the past seven years and can result in verdicts or deferred judgments. Certain counties could require longer because of court processes or when additional records are needed. Counties with a greater turnaround time than average are Alpine, Inyo, and Napa.

What exactly are Yolo County Public Records?

The California Public Records Act defines Yolo County public records as documents that provide details about the agency's general business. The law states that records created and maintained, as well as those received or used by public entities, have to be subjected to CPRA and thus are subject to disclosure by the public. Despite their characteristics, the method of transmission or physical form of public bodies in Yolo County must allow the examination of records or make replicas of records, photos, audio recordings, videos, and all other information stored on electronic devices and other storage mediums. While it permits open access to information, the CPRA has a different view of some records as private and thus closed to disclosure by the public. The records that are exempt from disclosure include the following:

  • Exam questions for tests, scoring keys, and other information that is used or created for employment, licensing, or academic tests
  • Records of law enforcement that include the security procedure, complaints, investigation reports, as well as details of criminal prosecution
  • All appraisal records for the real estate until the date of signing an agreement or the acquisition or leasing of the land. Appraisal records can contain estimates of engineering or construction and feasibility studies.
  • Court records from unfinished cases where the agency is a participant in the matter, have laid claims or is a person of the case. These records are subject to disclosure following the court's final judgment or settlement agreement.
  • All records containing personal, medical, or other sensitive information should be kept confidential and not disclosed unless it intrudes on the individual's privacy.
  • If gathered with certainty, geophysical, plant production, geological information, and similar data.
  • Certain tax records of taxpayers were kept confidential if disclosure would cause an unfair disadvantage for the person who provided the information.

Any correspondence between employees within the California Governor's Office or employees and the Governor. The exemption also applies to records kept in the office or filed by the Secretary of Legal Affairs for the Governor. The law, however, prohibits the transfer of public records to the Secretary of Legal Affairs for the Governor to bypass this exemption.

  • Records that include the individual's financial information or personal information when they are filed with a licensing organization to determine if the person is eligible for the license, permit, or certificate
  • Records that hold personal information regarding magistrates, judges, prosecutors as well as public defenders as well as peace officers, like their telephone numbers as well as residence addresses
  • Records not subject to public disclosure according to a federal or state law provision

In addition to the official source, public records can also be accessed through the websites of third parties. Record searchers can use these platforms that are not governmental to locate particular records or numerous county documents. However, they must supply sufficient information to aid in the search, for example:

  • This is the address provided by the person who is requesting
  • The case or the file's number (if it is known)
  • The document's location or the person in question
  • It is the name given to the person that is mentioned in the recording (not the name of a child)
  • The most recent or known address of the registered registrant.

Government agencies are not the ones to endorse third-party websites. Due to this, records performance and availability may differ.

Yolo County Crime Statistics

It is reported that the Yolo County Sheriff's Office provides annual statistics on crime which include details of the reported Part 1 crimes. Based on the office's annual report for 2019, Yolo County reported 503 incidents, including 8 cases of forcible rape, 193 assaults, 79 burglary instances, as well as 13 thefts of motor vehicles. The report reveals that the county's most commonly Yolo County Sheriff Part 1 Crimes, Comparative with Month-to-Month crime, was the theft of larceny, with 204 reported instances, and robbery was the least, with just 6 instances. Throughout the entire year, it was reported that there was no crime reported to the Sheriff's Office did not report criminal homicides.

Based on the Sheriff's Office's report for the year 2018, there were 484 incidents, including eleven motor vehicle burglaries, 195 thefts from larceny and 82 burglary cases, 180 assaults, seven burglaries, and seven forcible rapes, and two confirmed homicides committed by criminals. The total number of crimes reported jumped by 3.9 percent between the two years.

Are Yolo County Criminal Records Public?

California law allows partial disclosure of Yolo County Criminal records. The people who can request access to these records are certain employers of labor for related reasons. For example, some eligible requestors are childcare organizations, security companies, public utility companies, law enforcement agencies, and elder care facilities. People can also request personal criminal reports.

Requesting Yolo criminal records requires copies of the English or Spanish live scan forms and fingerprinting services at the Yolo County live scan location. Requesters should be aware that fingerprinting services are priced at varying charges that differ from the DOJ's request fee. Record seekers having difficulties making requests or getting fingerprinting services should contact the Department of Justice's Record Review Unit at (916) 227-3849. The completed requests must be submitted to the following:

California Department of Justice

Bureau of Criminal Identification and Analysis

Records Review Section, as well as Challenge Section

PO Box 160207

Sacramento, CA 95816-0207

How do you obtain Yolo County Police Reports and Arrest Records?

Requesters can seek Yolo County police records as well as Police reports through the Yolo County Sheriff's Office. The interested parties can send requests by filling out an online police report form including details such as the date and time of the incident, the type of incident, the location, and the names of those involved.

The Sheriff's Office charges $5 per Yolo arrest record or police report. They may add additional charges for reports that exceed 20 pages. The payment method is checks or money orders. Requestors can complete the form and mail it to us via mail or in person by using the following information:

Yolo County Sheriff's Office

140 Tony Diaz Drive

Woodland, CA 95776

Phone: (530) 668-5280

Fax: (530) 668-5238


How do I find Sex Offender Information in Yolo County?

Yolo County sex offender records are available online on the California Megan's Law website by the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Users can search for information on sex offenders by typing the name of the offender's last name as well as the first name on the name search. Additionally, if you are searching on a map, you can type in the street number of the offender's street name, street name, zip code, and city. Map search also allows the user to select a mile radius and restrict transient offenders in the results. Additionally, the site provides the "Near My device" option for locating offenders close to the user's device. The DOJ's database holds the full name of each offender, addresses, aliases, offense information, a physical description, and a risk evaluation.

How to Locate Yolo County Inmate Records

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office provides an online Booking Statistics page for information about those being held in the jail in the county. The page provides a complete list of the people booked for the month. It also includes each inmate's full name and date of arrest, the place of the arrest, and charges. People seeking information on detained inmates can go to the jail or contact the following number:

Yolo County Jail

140 Tony Diaz Drive

Woodland, CA 95776

Phone: (530) 668-5245

How can I contact an inmate at the Yolo County Jail?

Friends and family members of inmates can make appointments to visit by calling the Monroe Detention Center at (530) 668-5245 or the Leinberger Detention Center at (530) 668-5254. The facility does not permit visitors to alter or change an appointment once they have confirmed the appointment has been made. While visitors can cancel their appointment, it is not counted against the prisoner's weekly limit.

Every inmate can receive the opportunity to visit twice a week for two hours with a visitor per session. In addition, the inmate's grandparents or parents may see simultaneously. Visitors must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment and have an ID or a valid passport issued by the government. Visitors who arrive more than 10 minutes earlier than the appointment time will be disqualified from their visit.

Visitors are required to submit to metal detector scans and are required to wear shoes when traversing the scanner. Anyone who fails to complete the search using the metal detector will be refused admission. The scheduling of visits to Monroe Detention Center must begin at 12:01 am for the week only. But, those who wish to go to the center on a Monday can plan their visit from 7:15 pm the day before.

Visitors must be 18 years old unless married or emancipated by documents. Anyone eligible younger can avail of the Family Visiting program in both facilities, but just on Sundays.

Visitors should dress appropriately. Anyone wearing unsuitable clothing or clothes similar to the attire of inmates can lose their visiting rights.

Court Records

According to California's unified court system, Yolo County has a Superior Court that has authority over all criminal and civil cases. Yolo County Superior Court, Yolo County Superior Court, is divided into several divisions: Civil, Criminal, Collections and Family Juvenile, Traffic, Small Claims, and Court Services.

The location of the court is in Yolo County.

Yolo County Superior Court

1000 Main Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: (530) 406-6700

Are Yolo County Court Records Public?

The entire Yolo County court records not sealed or removed are subject to disclosure by the public. According to California law, The Clerk of Court must accept requests from the public and provide copies of the records requested with the charge of copying fees if necessary. However, certain court records, like juvenile records courts, cannot be classified as public. Records that contain financial or healthcare information can also be classified as confidential, as well as records that list victims of domestic or sexual violence.

Can You Look Up a Yolo County Court Case Online?

Yolo Superior Court's website includes an Online Case Search button. Anyone interested can search Yolo Court records on the internet by entering the number of records or names of the parties involved in court cases. With the help of advanced search options, users can also input the date, types of judgment, and other known details.

How do I obtain Yolo County Civil Court Case Records?

Residents can find Yolo County civil court records by submitting requests via mail in the courts, calling the Civil Division, or visiting in person. Every request must properly describe the records and include names, dates, charges, and the court's final judgment. Residents are required to submit their requests to the following:

Yolo County Superior Court

Civil Division

1000 Main Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: (530) 406-6704

How do I get Yolo County Criminal Court Case Records?

The Yolo County Clerk of the Superior Court issues copies of criminal court records to anyone interested. Record seekers can submit requests that include details about an upcoming court proceeding, including the litigants' names, the court date, and the information about charges. Anyone interested should know that the Clerk's Office may charge copy charges before releasing documents. All requests must be made to:

Yolo County Superior Court

Civil Division

1000 Main Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: (530) 406-6705


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