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Ventura County Background Check (California)

Ventura County Criminal Records (California)


A Ventura County California Criminal Check covers the Superior courts for Felony and Misdemeanor cases. The typical turnaround time is between 5-7 business days, based on the county. Around 16% of CA County searches take over seven business days to finish. Less than 2 percent of the time, County Checks take over two weeks to finish. The county search covers the last seven years and returns convictions or deferred judgments. Certain counties could require longer due to the court process or when additional records are required. Alpine, Inyo, and Napa counties have a greater turnaround time than average.

What exactly are Ventura County Arrest Records?

Ventura County arrest records are official records that contain information regarding those arrested on suspicions of criminal activity. Records of arrest are part of Ventura's public records. They also provide information on the circumstances leading to the arrest and the county's arrest rate. Ventura County arrest records are under the control and supervision of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. To obtain records of the county's arrested records, go to available at:

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

610 Spring Road

Moorpark, CA 93021

Phone: (805) 532-2700

Ventura County Sheriff - East Valley Station

2101 E. Olsen Road

Thousand Oaks, CA 9360

(805) 494-8208

Crime Statistics

Law enforcement agencies throughout California and the Ventura County Sheriff's Office send crime information to the California Department of Justice. This is in line with the requirements of the Federal Unified Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The information submitted indicated the existence of 6,287 felony convictions, and 24,989 misdemeanors were arrested within Ventura County in 2017, ending with a complete report. Comparatively to 2016, felony arrests dropped by 3.6 percent, while misdemeanor charges increased by 1.4 percent.

The 2017 crime figures in Ventura County show that there were 2,239 violent crime cases, 15,985 property-related crimes, as well as 110 instances of arson. A comprehensive analysis of these categories reveals the following: 26 murders with 270 rapes, 730 robberies, 1,213 aggravated attacks, 2,612 burglaries, 1,609 motor vehicle thefts, and 11,764 robberies. In addition, the figures reveal that there was less incidence of murder (16.1 percent) as well as burglary (10.2 percent), car theft (2.48 percent) as well as theft (0.8 percent), and arson (2.7 percent); however, rape (0.4 percent), as well as the robbery (0.7 percent) as well as aggravated assault (3.9 percentage), had higher rates of incidence.

What are Ventura County Criminal Records?

Ventura County criminal records are official records that contain information regarding the criminal background and activities of people in the county. Ventura County criminal records are sometimes referred to as"rap sheets. They contain the records' subject details, arrest reports, indictments, convictions, and sentences. The California Department of Justice serves as the primary record of criminal background investigations and records for the counties of California. Anyone can obtain copies of their criminal records, but only. Only law enforcement and employment agencies can conduct background checks on residents of the state.

How can I obtain Ventura County Criminal Records?

For the criminal history of your personal, Ventura County residents can complete their Live Scan form (also available in Spanish). First, choose and type in "Record Review" in the field of "Type of Application" and "Reason for Application." Then, bring the form you filled out to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, its East Valley Station, or any other Live Scan locations within Ventura County for fingerprinting. The Sheriff's Office provides fingerprint scan services Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested should contact the office to schedule an appointment. The cost for this service is $10. The payment method is cash cheque, check, credit card, debit card, or cash. The address for this office is below: Sheriff's Office is below:

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

610 Spring Road

Moorpark, CA 93021

Phone: (805) 532-2700

Ventura County Sheriff - East Valley Station

2101 East Olsen Road

Thousand Oaks, CA 9360

(805) 494-8208

Be aware that fees from DOJ/FBI are applicable based on the kind of background check requested.

How do I find Ventura County Sex Offender Information?

The California Department of Justice has a Sex Offender tracking program with a database for registered sexual offenders across the different counties of the state. According to State's Megan Law, this database of sex offenders is made publicly accessible on the internet. Users of the site can look up individual sex offenders by name or draw a map showing the addresses of sex offenders within their neighborhood. For example, to find a complete list of registered sex offenders throughout Ventura County, use the advanced search tool and choose Ventura from the drop-down menu for the county.

How do I visit an inmate at Ventura County Jail?

Ventura County has three jail locations: East County Jail, Pre-Trial Detention Facility, and Todd Road Jail. Visitors are permitted to visit inmates awaiting trial on inmates at the East County Jail between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 5 p.m. between Monday and Friday. For inmates housed inside the East County Jail, visiting hours are from 4:00 p.m. until 8 p.m between Monday and Friday, and the hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to visit an inmate in the East Valley Jail, call (805) 494-8242.

Interested people should look up information about visiting either of the two other jails they plan to visit:

Todd Road Jail

Pre-Trial Detention Facility

Below are the address and contact details of the three jails located in Ventura County, California:

East County Jail

East County Patrol Station

2101 East Olsen Road

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility

800 South Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA 93009

(805) 654-3335

Todd Road Jail Facility

600 Todd Road

Santa Paula, CA 93060

(805) 933-8501

Where and how to find Ventura County Inmate Information?

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office keeps records of all inmates throughout the jails in the county. It has a handy inmate search tool on its website. Visitors can search for prisoners by name or booking number. It is also possible to search for inmates by name and booking number. The sheriff's office also makes provisions on the site for sending emails to prisoners.

What exactly are Ventura County Court Records?

The Records Department of the Superior Court of California in Ventura County maintains all court records in Ventura County. The Records Clerk provides public access to the civil, small criminal claims, family as well as traffic court documents:

Ventura Courthouse

Superior Court Records

Hall of Justice

800 South Victoria Avenue

Room 218

Ventura, CA 93009

(805) 289-8668

For small claims cases that are heard in the East County Courthouse, visit the following:

Superior Court Records - East County

3855-F Alamo Street

Simi Valley CA 93063-2110

(805) 289-8668

The records for probate and juvenile cases, as well as hearings for guardianship or adoptions, are accessible in the Juvenile Courthouse located at:

Superior Court Records

4353 Vineyard Avenue

Oxnard, CA 93036

(805) 289-8668

The records clerk needs a valid identification photo to access the case documents. In addition, anyone can look up records by themselves using the computers accessible to the public in the lobby of rooms 218 and 210 of the Hall of Justice in the Ventura Courthouse. Similar facilities are located inside the lobby area of the Juvenile Courthouse.

The Records Clerk can assist visitors in finding documents. While access to open-access computers is free, soliciting the clerk to search for records is an additional charge of $15 per individual. The same fee applies to requests for search results sent by mail. Include the request in a self-addressed envelope and the $15 fee in the form of an e-check in the name of Ventura Superior Court.

The clerk will not allow the destruction of court documents or case records, and interested parties can make copies. There are 50 cents per page cost to get copies of the court documents. The clerk will charge an additional fee of $25 on each record for certified copies. The fee for a certified copy of the divorce record (Final Judgment in Dissolution of Marriage) is $15, and there is no fee per page.

Where are All Courts located in Ventura County?

Ventura County has three Superior Courthouses. They are The East County Courthouse, the Juvenile Courthouse, and the Ventura Hall of Justice. Ventura Hall of Justice. The contact details and locations are listed below:

Ventura County Superior Courts

Ventura County Superior Court - East County Courthouse

Physical: 3855-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Mailing: PO Box 6489

Ventura, CA 93006

Phone: (805) 639-5010

Ventura County Superior Court - Juvenile Courthouse

4353 East Vineyard Avenue

Oxnard, CA 93036

Phone: (805) 289-8820

Ventura County Superior Court - Ventura Hall of Justice

Ventura County Government Center

800 South Victoria Avenue

PO Box 6489

Ventura, CA 93006

Phone: (805) 289-8525 (Civil)

Phone: (805) 289-8545 (Criminal, Traffic)

Phone: (805) 289-8610 (Family Law)

Phone: (805) 289-8526 (Small Claims)


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