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Yuba County Background Check (California)

Yuba County Criminal Records (California)


A Yuba County California Criminal Check covers the Superior courts for Felony and Misdemeanor cases. The typical turnaround time is between 5-7 business days, based on the county. In more than 16% of instances, CA County searches take over seven business days to complete. Less than two percent of the time, County Checks take over two weeks to finish. The county search covers the past seven years and can result in verdicts or deferred judgments. Some counties might be slower due to the court process or when additional records are required. Counties with more time to turn around than average are Alpine, Inyo, and Napa.

What exactly are Yuba County Public Records?

The California Public Records Act provides Yuba County public records to comprise any information created, used, and stored by government agencies, regardless of its physical form. The records are made in connection with or relating to the conduct of official business within the county.

Yuba public records are available in various types, from typed and written documents to photocopies, audio videos, and audio. Records can also be found in electronic messages, photos, or maps. Public records can be classified or sealed or have certain portions deleted if they contain data that is not accessible to the public. Examples of this include:

  • The disclosed medical, personnel or similar file could be considered an unjustified violation of privacy.
  • Documents about ongoing litigation in which the county is a participant (the information is kept confidential until the matter or claim is resolved)
  • Questions for testing, scoring keys, and other exam materials used for licensure or employment exams.
  • Anything that falls under confidentiality agreements with attorneys.
  • Initiatives or recalls, as well as referendums, are exempt.

In addition to official sources, county records from public archives are also accessible on the websites of third parties. Record hunters can use these non-governmental platforms to look for specific records and multiple municipal records. But, they will have to supply sufficient details to aid in the search, including:

  • This is the address provided by the person who is requesting
  • File number, case number (if available)
  • The document's location or the person in question
  • It is the name given to the person that is mentioned in the recording (not the name of a child)
  • The most recent or known address of the person who registered.

Note government agencies do not support third-party sites. Due to this, records performance and availability may differ.

Yuba County Crime Statistics

The Yuba County Sheriff's Office collects and compiles annual crime statistics and data. The records are then sent to the FBI to be included in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting database (UCR). As per the UCR, between the years 2018 to the year 2019, there was a decrease in the number of crimes committed in Yuba County. The number of murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, property crimes, and burglaries. Robbery, arson, and theft of vehicles were reduced by 28.6 percent 25, 17.85%, 2.7 percent, 7.1%, 6.5 percent, 7.1%, 21.4 percent, 47.6 percent, and 47.6%, respectively. In total, violent crime in the county was also reduced by 9.3 percent.

Are Yuba's Criminal Records Public?

Following the California Public Records Act, not all criminal records are public. Certain records could have to be closed by a judge or exempted by law. People who need to conduct a background check on themselves may seek one from the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Analysis. Record applicants may have to complete the application in English or Spanish. The form that is completed, the total amount of fees, as well as fingerprint scans/cards should be submitted to the bureau for criminal identity at

California Department of Justice

Bureau of Criminal Identification and Analysis

Record Review & Challenge Section

PO Box 160207

Sacramento, CA 95816-0207

County residents may also apply for the local background check by filling out the background check application and the application in person or via mail to:

Yuba County Sheriff's Department

HD720 Yuba Street.

Marysville, CA-95901

How to obtain police reports and Arrest Records

The copies of Police Reports and other records in the custody of the Yuba County Sheriff's Office can be obtained by calling the Records division. Information seekers can contact the records division via phone or email. You can also send it by fax to:

Phone: (530) 749-7778


Fax: (530) 741-6445

How do I Find Sex Offender Information in Yuba County

Information on sex offender information available to citizens of Yuba County can be obtained via the Meagan's Law website run by the California Department of Justice. It is the official online database of sex offenders and registries across the state. Search tools on the site allow users to find sex offenders using various criteria like addresses, names, ZIP codes, county names, and cities.

How to Locate Yuba County Inmate Records

Information on inmates on Yuba County inmates can be found via the inmate search on the Yuba County Sheriff-Coroner Office website. It offers an alphabetical list of the inmates currently housed within the jail of Yuba County. It also allows residents to search the records of inmates by surname. The records of inmates display details such as the full name, physical description, sex, booking number, dates of booking, the agency that booked him, the current charges, and a visit schedule.

How do I visit an inmate at Yuba County Jail?

Visits to the Yuba County Jail are conducted every day of the week. The residence assignment determines the inmate's visit date and time. Each inmate has the right to two weekly visits. One of which must take place on a weekend or a day off. Visitation schedules are posted in the housing units and at the Central Control and Visiting Lobbies. Inmates of Yuba County are usually detained in Yuba County Jail. Yuba County Jail is located at:

215 5th Street, Suit #150

Marysville, CA 95901

Phone: (530) 749-7740

Inmate records retrieved using a web-based Inmate Search Tool will also include the inmate's visitation plan. All visitors must sign up with the clerk of visitors before the beginning of the time for visiting. Anyone with questions can contact the jail in the county toll-free at (530) 749-7740.

Court Records

Requesters can get the court documents in Yuba County from the Yuba County Superior Court. The county superior court offers the public access to various court records, such as civil and criminal court records. The records can also be searched online through the superior court website.

The locations of Courts in Yuba County

The names, addresses, and contact information for the courts of Yuba County are listed below:

Yuba County Superior Court

215 5th Street, Suite 200,

Marysville, CA 95901

Phone: (530) 740-1800

Fax: (530) 740-1821 (Civil, Family, Juvenile, Probate)

Fax: (530) 740-1841 (Criminal)

Fax: (530) 740-1881 (Traffic)

Yuba County Superior Court - Richard A. Shoenig Annex

120 5th Street,

Marysville, CA 95901

Phone: (530) 740-1850

Fax: (530) 740-1851

Are Yuba County Court Records Public?

According to the California Public Records Act, the Public Records Act of California, not all Yuba County Court records are accessible to the public. Certain court records could have to be closed by the judge or marked as confidential, and most people are not allowed access to them. Juvenile criminal cases and child custody cases of civil harassment are just a few cases that will be closed to the public.

Is it possible to search for the details of a Yuba County Court Case Online?

Yuba County court records can be downloaded online on the Yuba County Superior Court website. First, the requester must sign up for a Yuba County Public Portal account. After registering, the user can then utilize the smart search option to locate court records of the county. Records that are sealed or restricted are not displayed on the results of the search.

How to obtain Yuba County Civil Court Case Records

The Civil Court Records for Yuba County can be obtained through the Civil Division of the Yuba County Superior Court. Information seekers can request these records by applying by writing directly to the clerk's offices in person or via mail. In-person requests should be made at the office during business hours.

Civil Division

Yuba County Superior Court

215 Fifth Street, Suite 200

Marysville, CA 95901

Ph: (530) 740-1800 Ext. 6

Fax: (530) 740-1821

Requests for written documents can be made via mail to the address above. Requests must include sufficient information to allow staff to locate the records, including the names of those involved, their case number, and the incident's dates. The request should be accompanied by an envelope that is self-addressed and stamped for the return of the record to the person making the request. Requesters must pay a fee of $15 per name of the case to be searched. Copy copies of the records cost $0.50 per webpage. Records certification will cost $40 per record. The Self-Help/information center in the Yuba County Superior Court provides public computer terminals where requesters may look up records online.

How to obtain Yuba County Criminal Court Records

Yuba County criminal court records are available in person, through the mail, or on the internet from the Criminal Division of the Yuba County Superior Court. A written request that includes the details needed to locate the records is possible via mail or in person to:

Criminal Division

Yuba County Superior Court

215 Fifth Street, Suite 200

Marysville, CA 95901

Ph: (530) 740-1800

Fax: (530) 740-1801

Requests sent by mail should contain the fee and a self-addressed return envelope with a stamped and self-address. Records searchers will have to pay a 15-cent per name search and other fees for copies of records. Copy charges for the criminal record are $0.50 per copy. The process of certifying the record costs an additional $40 per record.

The public can also search for records online by using online records through the Yuba County Public Portal. The Information Center within the court premises also has public computers that people can access to check criminal information online.


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