Basic Background Check

Basic Background Check

What is a Basic Background Check?

The basic background check package includes, nationwide criminal search, sex offender search. This background check is designed for most entry level jobs Some of our industries include retail, restaurant, and most services industries All reports are emailed.

What is included in a basic background check?

A basic background check generally includes two services that includes:

  • Nationwide Criminal Search: A criminal search that spans across all 50 states in the US. We search of two hundred million records through the US county, states and territories of the United States. This searches through arrest records and convictions.
  • Sex Offender Search: This is a criminal search that spans across all 50 states in the US sex offender databases.

What are the benefits of a basic background check?

The benefits of a basic background check, is that this search is the most widely used employment screening service in the industry. This basic background search is also the most cost-efficient screening service. As the most recommended service, this type of background check generally gets the job done.

What are some drawbacks of a basic background check?

A basic background check is designed for entry level positions for most industries but, it does not cover everything is considered non-comprehensive. This background check isn’t designed for industries that require more comprehensive checks. Some of these examples include banking, healthcare, high-level government, security, cybersecurity and more. This search would not be geared toward higher level positions like mid and upper level positions.

How long does it to take to get the results of a basic background check?

Instantly. All results are emailed to the email provided in the form.

Can I conduct a basic background check on myself?

Yes. Individuals may conduct a background search on themselves to see what employers see in their report.

How much does it cost to conduct a basic background check?


What industries can use the basic background check?

Our basic background check is designed for a wide range of industries at the entry level. Some of these industries include the following:

  • Retail: This includes hourly employers, this can range from cashiers, associates, stockers, stockers, and more.
  • Warehouse: This can include associates, equipment workers, safety workers, and more.
  • Restaurants: Includes bartenders, waiters, waitress, chefs, bussers, greeters and more.
  • Logistics: This includes truck drivers, and other logistic workers. Note: Truck drivers may need driving record report also.
  • Fast Food: Includes hourly workers.
  • Construction: Includes most construction workers. Note: may require some sort of license verifications.
  • Casino Industry: Includes entry level positions like waiters, surveillance and more
  • Hotel: Includes food staff, housekeepers and more.
  • Government: This includes low-clearance government workers, contractors and more.
  • Mining: Entry level mine workers.
  • Manufacturing: Includes most entry level manufacturing workers.
  • Oil and Gas: This includes most entry level workers in the oil and gas industry, like oil rig workers.
  • Customer Service: This includes entry level workers in customer service industry.

How far back does a basic background check go?

Generally, a basic background check goes back 7 years, but records that are not expunged can stay on an applicant’s record.

Do expunged records show up on a background check?

Generally, expunged records are removed from criminal databases. Although this may take some time to remove from all databases.

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