Marriage and Divorce Records Search

Marriage and Divorce Records Search


What is a Marriage Records Search?

A marriage record search is a tool that allows an individual to search current and historical records of marriage data. This data can include bride and groom’s name, age, date of the marriage, certificate number, county of marriage and more. This is considered a public record search. This marriage records search tool covers all 50 states, provinces and territories in the United States, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, and more. This search engine is gathered from data from all 50 states and is updated monthly. Our search tool is not considered an official search. To conduct an official search, you have to go to the county clerk of the respective jurisdiction that the marriage was certified in.

Why should you conduct a marriage records search?

Conducting a marriage records search is helpful tool when vetting a potential partner. In a nutshell, you can consider this a background check on the bride or groom in question. This search can allow an individual to search a partner’s marriage history, and help them determine if the marriage is a good idea. This is a great tool to determine if your potential partner is forthcoming about their marital past.

How much does it cost to search a marriage and divorce record?

The cost to get a copy of a marriage record can vary depending on many factors. These factors can range from company to company, state, county, province, and many other factors. The Koleman Group LLC charges a fee $30.00 for a marriage and divorce record.

Who can conduct a marriage records search?

Anyone can conduct a marriage records search. This search is considered public search so all individuals can use this tool.

How long does it take to get the results of a marriage records?

Generally, the time it takes to get the results of a marriage records search is instant to 72 hours or 3 days.

What is a divorce records search?

A divorce records search is a search of a partner or spouse current marital status. This search covers all 50 states and territories of the United States. The data that is returned in divorce search are the petitioner and respondent’s name, county of divorce, date of divorce and more. This database is updated monthly.

Why should you conduct a divorce records search?

Checking the martial status of a potential spouse is vital to current martial plans. In the United States, you cannot be married to two individuals at the same time. This tool is also great in assessing the truthfulness of your partner or spouse.

How long does it take to get the results of a divorce records search?

It can take anywhere from one day to 72 hours to get the results of a divorce records search.

What websites can I go to look up marriage and divorce records?

You can go to many websites to find marriage and divorce records. The most recommended sites are public record sites since marriage records and divorce records are public records. You can also go to county and the state sites of where the marriage or divorce proceedings occurred.

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