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Basic Tenant Background Check

Basic Tenant Background Check


What is a Basic Tenant Background Check?

A basic tenant background check is consumer report that landlords use to verify a tenant’s criminal and rental history. The basic tenant background check is the most widely used tenant verification service by landlords in the United States. This service is considered the most basic tenant screening service because it is not considered the most comprehensive search.

What does a basic tenant background check consist of?

A basic tenant background check consists of two main services:

  • Nationwide Criminal Search: A national criminal records search that is a search for criminal records that span across the United States and its’ territories. This search is comprised from databases of criminal records that includes state, county, and local levels. This may also include arrest records, warrants, and convictions.
  • Sex Offender Search: A national sex offender search is a search verifies if an individual has any type of sexual offense on their records. This sex offender search spans across the United States and its’ territories.

What are the benefits of a basic tenant background check?

A basic tenant background check is a cost-efficient service that most landlords use to background check potential tenants. Although this search is not the most comprehensive search, this service is used by most landlords in the industry. The basic tenant background check is designed for properties of any types. This background check is also a great addition to the crime free housing program.

What are the drawbacks of a basic tenant background check?

This tenant background check does not provide the most comprehensive search into a tenant’s rental history. This service lacks the extra tenant screening checks like an eviction report and credit report. This search is not designed for mid to high end apartments.

How much does it cost to conduct a basic tenant basic background check?

$35.00 per background check.

How to perform a basic tenant background check?

In order to fill out a basic tenant background check, applicants must fill out the form below with their current up-to-date information.

How long does it take to get the results of a basic tenant background check?

Turnaround time for a basic background check is anywhere from instant to four weeks. All reports are emailed in PDF format, that can be downloaded or printed out.

Can I conduct a basic tenant background check on myself?

Yes. Potential tenants may conduct basic tenant background search on themselves to see what landlords see on their rental application background check.

Do all tenants in an apartment require a background check?

No. Individuals under the age of 18 do not require a tenant background check.

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