Dea License Search

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DEA License Search

What is a Dea License Search?

A DEA License Search is a type of search that verifies DEA Numbers. Under federal law, this requires pharmacists to obtain a DEA registration number before prescribing controlled substances. Although a DEA number is not required to write a prescription for non-controlled medications, it is highly advised to get one anyway.

What is a DEA number?

A DEA number is a number is an 9-digit identifier assigned to a healthcare provider such as dentist, veterinarian, nurse, physician, medicine manufactures, and more. The DEA number is required by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) to allow healthcare providers to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

Where do I go to sign up for a DEA number?

In order to sign up for a DEA number, you must go to the Department Of Justice and fill out the required forms for a business or individual. Costs may vary.

What is included in a DEA number search?

Our DEA license search includes data like DEA number, business type, name, expiration date, address, county, and what the individual can prescribe.

How to lookup a DEA number?

When conducting a DEA license search on our site, simply fill out the required fields in the online form. You can search by DEA number, or name and city and search are optional.

How much does it cost to conduct a DEA license search?

Our DEA license search cost $10 per number.

How long does it take to get the results of a DEA license search?


How often are DEA number records updated?

We update our database bi-weekly.

How to protect your DEA number?

Maintaining the integrity of your DEA number is very important. If someone gets ahold of your DEA number this could not only go on your credit, but also damage your reputation as a healthcare provider. One way to protect you DEA number is by locking up prescription pads that have the DEA number on them. You can also use pads with watermarks since they are harder to replicate.

Dea License Number
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