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What is a Domain Name Search?

A domain ownership search is a lookup of a domain name owner's information. When an individual registers a domain name they must provide contact information. Some of that information includes where they registered their domain, the owner's email and phone number, the domain expiration date, and when the domain was registered. This domain lookup or domain search can be great in finding an owner to buy an already established domain or generally contacting the owner of the domain. Data comes from the many databases like the whois domain, icann, and more.

What domain names can be search?

Domain names that can be search .org, .com, .info, .gov and more which are considered top level domains. Second level domains like country codes can also be searched using this tool.

How often are domain names updated?

Our domain name database is bi-weekly.

How much does it cost to conduct a domain name search?

We require a $5.00 fee per domain search.

How long does it take to get the results of a domain search?

The turnaround time for a domain lookup is instant.

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