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FAA Airment License Search

What is a FAA Airmen License Search?

FAA Airmen and Pilots consists of those licenses by the Federal Aviation Administration to be pilots, ground crew, mechanic and other licensed functions related to the aviation industry. An applicant can search our pilot database by name and or license number. All reports are emailed.

What is a FAA License?

A FAA License or pilot license is a license that certifies a pilot’s, eligibility to “pilot” an aircraft. This license process is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, which is a branch of the Unite States Department of Transportation(USDOT).

What is included in an FAA license search?

When conducting an FAA license search, you can find data that includes name, address, city, state, zip, FAA number or pilot number, medical expire date, certification, certification type, certification level and rating.

What are the general types of pilot certification?

The general type of pilot certification is as follows from increasing privilege:

  • Student pilot: Individuals learning to fly under the guidance of a flight instructor, and who is permitted to fly under limited circumstances.
  • Sport pilot: Individuals who are authorized to fly Light-sport Aircraft only.
  • Remote Pilot: Individuals who fly small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV, for compensation or for hire.
  • Recreational Pilot: Individuals who pilot aircraft up to 180 horsepower and 4 seats for daytime only.
  • Private Pilot: Individuals who pilot aircraft for pleasure and or personal business, usually without accepting compensation.
  • Commercial Pilot: Individuals with some restrictions who fly for strictly compensation.
  • Airline Transport Pilot: Individuals authorized to pilot for a scheduled an airline.

How do to apply for a pilot license?

In order to apply for a pilot or airmen license. You must go the FAA government website and fill out the application for the appropriate license you wish to apply for.

How long does it take to get the results of an airmen search?

Our results are returned instantly.

How much does it cost to conduct an airmen search?

$10 per search.

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