National Voter Registration Search

       National Voter Registration Search

What is a National Voter Registration Search?

A national voter registration search is a search query that allow individuals to look up voter registration information. When using this search, individuals can view the political party of individuals as reported by each state. Our voter database is a nationwide database that contains voter information on over 100 million registered voters across the United States. Note: tool to register to vote, but a tool to search for registered voters political affiliations.

What data is included in a voter registration search?

When conducting a national voter registration search data returned may include: first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, and political party and individual voted or registered for.

How much does it cost to search voter records?

$20 per search.

How often are voter records updated?

Our records are updated weekly.

How to conduct a voter history search?

An applicant must fill out the national voter registration search form. This search must be conducted by first and last name, with state and city being optional fields.

How long does it take to get voter records results?

Instantly. Our voter history records are emailed to the email the user provides. Results are emailed in a PDF to be downloaded or printed.

Can anyone view voter records?

Yes. Our national voter search is considered a public records search. This search tool is designed for everyone. Individuals can view their voter history and the voting histories of others.

What political party can show up in a voter registration search?

The two political parties in the USA are Democrat and Republican. Some voters may vote as an independent which can also show up in our voter record search.

How long can you be registered to vote?

This depends on the state and the activeness of an individual’s voting history. When an individual becomes an inactive voter, they are usually deleted from the state, and national voting records databases.

How to register to vote?

In order to register to vote applicants must go to the local county, state, or other designated places where applicants are allowed to vote and fill out the voter registration form. Applicants can choose to vote online by going to their respective state website to register to vote. Additionally, potential voters can fill out the voter registration form and mail in their form to their respective jurisdictions to register by mail.

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