Death Records Search

Death Records Search


What is a Death Records Search?

A death records search is search conducted on deceased individuals. Our death record database contains over 800 million records. You can search our death records by Social Security Number, name or Date of birth. Our records are obtained from state databases and the Social Security Death Administration. Note: this tool is only for the United States and outlying territories. This is not live search so more research should be done to confirm a death. Our records date back from 1962 to 2020.

What is included in a death records search?

When performing a death records search the data returned in this search could include: name of deceased, cause of death, age of death, date of death, place, birth date, parents’ names, name of undertaker and cemetery buried and state or county of deceased birth place.

What can you use a death records search for?

You can use a death records search for many purposes like insurance claims, finding ancestors, and more.

How to conduct a death records search?

To conduct a death records search on our site simply fill out the form with the data of the individual you want search and the email you want the results sent to. The results are sent to the email provided into the pdf.

How often are death records updated?

Our death records are update monthly.

Who can search death records?

Anyone when can search our death records. This service tool is considered a vital and public record so we provide access to anyone for a fee.

How much does it cost to conduct a death records search?

$30 per record.

How long does it take the get the results from a death records search?

Generally, our results are returned instantly.

Can I go to other websites to find death records?

Yes. You can go to other sites to find death records. Depending on when the death occurred and how often death records are updated, you can visit websites like county clerk websites, state websites, and the Social Security Death Administration websites, to procure death records. Note: that we do not provide the turnaround to get the results of the query or how much it cost to perform the query.

What are the uses for a death records search?

Individuals can use our national database to lookup death records. Our death records come directly from state and local county death record databases, Although this search is considered an unoffical death record search because these records are not signed or by the local county clerk. This tool allows you to find the state, date of death, and county of the state to conduct your search. Some of the uses of death certificates can include:

  • Acessing Pension Benefits
  • Tax Purposes
  • Miliary Purposes
  • Verification Purposes
  • Collecting Life Insurance
  • Drivers License
  • Settling Estates
  • Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Settling Debt
  • Proof Of Death
  • Funeral Proceedings
  • Collecting Mortality Data
  • And more

Where can I get an official copy of a death certificate?

To request an offical copy of a death certificate you must either go(physically) to or visit (online), the county where the death certificate oringates from and fill out the necessary forms. Note: Wait times may take vary.

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